Picture of Reseat a detached zipper
Ever have a zipper come full off the end of the track on a bag and think the bag is no longer useful?  Here's how you can re-seat the zipper back on the track and continue to make use of the bag!

Step 1: Materials list

You'll need the following:
Zipper pull (hopefully the original that came off the zipper in the first place)
Hot glue gun

Thanks you so very much! The zip on my mattress cover had come undone and it is about 3 meters long so very expensive to replace! Now all working again smoothly!

ahab_jr (author)  hannelore.cossins6 months ago

Glad to hear it!

AtomRat2 years ago
Could we also hand sew the end thoroughly rather than the glue blob, like a french knot or similar? I fear that the glue would simply come off in the washing machine if it were on clothing. Useful tip though! Do you have any idea's for fixing and straightening bent \ broken teeth along the zipper? I'm sure that's the next most common thing to go wrong
ahab_jr (author)  AtomRat2 years ago
Reinforcing the zipper by stitching is a fine idea, particularly if the zipper is going to be bearing any particular load.

If the item is going in the wash, then you're right, hot glue may not bee the best option. This bag was not machine-washable, so it was not a concern. It also allowed me to make a solid stop on the zipper so it wouldn't come off again.

A clothing item suggests that the direction of the zipper is vital, and reversing the direction of the zipper may not be suitable. YMMV.

Bent teeth could potentially be straightened with fine pliers, but broken teeth may call for a full zipper replacement - use seam cutters to pull out the zipper altogether and stitch in a replacement zipper. Your friendly neighborhood craft/fabric store most likely has "zipper tape" (essentially very long zippers that you can cut to length) that may help.