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Introduction: Reset IPad How to Guide

Is your iPad frozen or just won't sync to your computer any longer? Here are some steps on how to reset your iPad and bring it back to life.

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How To Reset an iPad

1.) Method 1 – Hold the wake button at the top of the iPad until the slide to power off screen appears. Slide your finger to power off the iPad. Then, hold the wake switch until the iPad turns back on and the Apple logo appears on the screen.

2.) Method 2 – Hold the Menu and Wake buttons at the same time until the iPad restarts and the Apple logo appears.

3.) Method 3 – If your iPad boots, go into Settings and then General –> Reset. There you will find several settings to reset the iPad.

If your iPad still will not sync to a computer, try these additional steps.

1.) Try another USB port on your computer.
2.) Restart your computer.
3.) If you don’t already have it, download the latest version of iTunes.



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