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Considered how you would cope in a zombie apocalypse? Already started hoarding canned food and fashioning weapons? Then this would be perfect for you!

A Custom made miniature vial of Resident Evil of T-Virus and Antivirus on a necklace.

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The following build is very cheap and easy to make, most materials you should be able to find in any workshop or man shed.

You will need the following:

Two glass fuses (can be old blown fuses, any voltage is fine)
Two small bolts or small metal rings etc (to act as the loop for attachment to a necklace)
A pair of wire cutters
A pair of long nosed pliers
A small file
A soldering iron
Lead-free solder
A small stretch of telephone wire
A small bench clamp

Step 2:

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The first step is to unsolder the ends of the fuse and removing the fuse wire. Gently clamp the fuse in to the bench clamp, being careful not the smash the glass. Heat up the soldering iron and melt a little solder to the end of the fuse to produce a layer of flux which will make the heat conduction more efficient. Once the metal cap of the fuse is hot, very gently take the metal end and lift it away from the glass. Repeat this process for the other end of the fuse. When both ends have been removed, gently pull out the fuse wire and clean the ends and glass, discard the fuse.

Step 3:

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Take one of the metal end caps and gently clamp it in the bench clamp, file the end to make it rough and a better surface to solder. File one end of the bold as well. Heat the end cap with the end of the soldering iron and then melt some solder to this. Do the same to the bolt. Now bring the two together a melt together using the soldering iron. Don't worry if you have a little trouble doing this, it is quite fiddly and tricky to get both to accept the solder and bond together. Jewellery solder would be far more effective, but electrical soldering does still work. Once the two are bonded together, then file away any remaining solder to produce a smooth surface.

Step 4:

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Now take the telephone wire and remove the green and blue coated wire. Choose one of these and wind it around a toothpick or one of the other lengths of wire. Slide this spiral of coloured wire inside of the glass pipe of the fuse. Add a small amount of superglue to the inside of the metal caps as either end. Leave to dry.

Step 5:

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Repeat the process for the other fuse, this time using the other coloured wire, so that one contains a blue spiral and the other a green spiral. Attach these to a necklace chain and enjoy!


FlatLinerMEDIC (author)2013-07-04

sell these!

ssonier (author)2013-07-03

It was a pain in the ass to take out the caps but it gave an amazing result!

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