video Resident lego
I made this a bit after my other lego zombie vid, (strike while the iron is hot eh?)
and i think i made a pretty good job. i mixed a few elements of resident evil together to make this.
you can view this on my youtube at
knexhero5 years ago
Maybe robot chicken will give you a job
Thats Awesome Heres a Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles Forum I Made:

Resident Evil Dc (http://z10.invisionfree.com/Resident_Evil_DC/index.php?act=idx)
jellybean10122 (author) 6 years ago
I made this in 2008, its on my youtube account jellybean10122. I didn't want to have to make you go there to watch it so calm down.
goeon6 years ago
Traceur2216 years ago
Booooooo. That's not an instructable. It's an add for you.
hahaha the baby crying is so funny for some reason. im still laughing
kenexinator6 years ago
Lol nice effects!