Hi all! In this requested video, we will learn how to create domed resin cabochons using actual Hubble Telescope pictures and iridescent glitter. The mold I used is from LIttle Windows and is a WONDERFUL mold (no, Im not paid for using/commenting/etc...its just my personal opinion). I will leave a link below. I used Clear Cast 7000 brand resin. While the resin can come out super clear, the results are just way to inconsistent (bendy curing, limited pot life, reactions to pigments, embedments, etc). The Clear Cast 7000 started to "boil" in my Little Windows mold and another LDPE mold. It melted the stickers and even warped my LDPE mold. If you have great results with Clear Cast 7000, then please continue to use it! I, however, will stick with my tried and true East Coast Resin from now on. For the images, just take to Google and search for "Hubble Telescope Pictures". You will find tons to choose from. :) I hope this video is helpful and entertaining. Thanks for watching and craft happily ever after!!!

Das Malefitz - Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack Credits to Bioware and EA Games (purchased from Amazon.com)

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B016APTG5S
Little Windows Direct: http://amzn.com/B016APTG5S

MY FULL RESIN TUTORIAL: http://amzn.com/B016APTG5S

Step 1: Watch Full Video Tutorial

Thanks for watching!!!

<p>Those are so cool! I really like the glitter in there too :)</p>

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