Resin Jewelry Tutorial With John W. Golden Part 2





Introduction: Resin Jewelry Tutorial With John W. Golden Part 2

A how-to video for using epoxy resin, silver-plated rings and pewter pendant trays to create jewelry from reproductions of your artwork. Part 2 of 3.

See John's finished rings, pendants and artist's reproductions at



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    I did a test run with only 2 pendants. Which means I had some leftover because I measured too much lol. Anyway, we used the extra in a bowl and made a candle holder out of it. The surface is nice and hard... almost like glass. BUT the surface of the pendants is slightly tacky... and its been almost 2 weeks since I did the project. What do you think happened? I can indent it with my fingernail, but after a few seconds it 'bounces back' and the nail mark is gone. But there are a few scratches that wont come out. Any Idea what you think happened?

    Nice Instructable. I am doing some unrelated work that you may be able to use a technique from if it is not a hassle for you to build. I am in the process of making coils for a power mill and wish to encase them in resin. Tesla gave us a technique of doing this where the item is encased in a vacuum chamber to expel the air and then as the material hardens the chamber is pressurized. This pressurization eliminates any vacuum bubbles that may from if allowed to harden otherwise. It also causes a tight seal bewteen the material and the container and element being coated. This is best for things like coils of magnet wire and getting all the material into the center of the wires and the air out. It may work in some way for you even with the sealer, for a complete seal. Thats for the tip on a good resin.

    when the mixture was ready you put it in a bottle. i usually mix little amounts because i don't make more than 5 pieces of jewellery at a time.i have never thought of putting it all in a bottle at once.if i do this how long can i keep that bottle without worrying the mixture will harden?can i keep it a long time?

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    Hey there, Unfortunately, the mixture in the bottle hardens pretty quickly. It's usually unusable after about 30 mins. Apparently, the heat generated by the chemical reaction helps the epoxy harden. The thin amounts of resin in the pendants lose heat quickly, and take longer to harden. The mixture in the bottle is a thicker amount/concentration of epoxy, and retains heat longer and hardens more quickly.