A how-to video for using epoxy resin, silver-plated rings and pewter pendant trays to create jewelry from reproductions of your artwork. Part 1 of 3.

See John's finished rings, pendants and artist's reproductions at johnwgolden.etsy.com.
<p>This are beautiful</p>
Question about the resin and using it the next day.. How do you keep it from curing? Or do I make new resin? Thanks :-)
What are the sizes you print the art work at??
Where's the video?
Great 'ible, terrificly detailed! Reminded me of my third grade teacher, she called it &quot;Modge Podge&quot;, too. Thanks bunches!
Beautiful! So cool! Could you please type out your website? I can't read fast enough on the video
John, Thank you so much! I've been designing and making my vintage bottle cap necklaces for about 6 months now, but every so often I was running into the problem of the resin causing that 'bleed' effect on certain images. It's especially aggravating when it happens to 10 or more at a time, and I have some big orders coming up. Never thought to use mod podge, but I've been wracking my brain over what I can do to fix the problem.<br/>And Blakeney is right, those 1&quot; hole punches are Sah-WEET! I don't know what I'd do without mine. They're only about $6, and you can find em at Michael's.<br/><br/>If you'd like to see what I do, take a peek at my site:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.chromaticcreations.com">Chromatic Creations</a><br/><br/>You're a lifesaver!<br/><br/>Dana<br/>
u from nawlins?
Thanks for the share! Great instructable. I want to make a few custom pendants, where can I find the pewter pendants and rings that you use? Thanks!
Do you or does anyone know where I can order plain metal resin trays without any loops or ring backs attached to them?&nbsp; My fiance and I are making cuff links for his groomsmen and we have purchased the cuff link part but have been been unable to find plain old resin trays without the jewelry attachments.&nbsp; Our cuff links are 15mm wide so we need something this size or slightly larger.&nbsp; Thanks,<br />
I am making cuff links for my wedding too....I found them on etsy from seller brass gold beads:<br /> http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=42563501&amp;ref=sr_list_2&amp;&amp;ga_search_query=bezel+cup&amp;ga_search_type=supplies&amp;ga_page=&amp;includes[]=tags&amp;includes[]=title<br /> <br /> Good luck!<br />
this is amazing! thank you!!!! :)
Ditto what on_bourbon_street said! Thank you for the Mod Podge suggestion. You've saved me from going completely gray over the same issue. About the alcohol--it does work to clean up the resin. Also, I've had some pieces that had surface issues, such as fingerprints. You can wipe the surface of the piece with a paper towel dampened with alcohol (I always use denatured, not sure if it makes a difference) and it will slightly dissolve the surface and you can get rid of the fingerprint. The trick is to use something non-linty and to only do one or two swipes at a time. Any more than that and it can get gooey and create more problems than you had before. It's definitely a good idea to practice. Thanks again!
Thank you very much for an informative tutorial. I had started making a few pendants with my own artwork, but have not tried to sell them yet. FYI - A 1" circle punch (or a square punch in the size you need) can be very helpful and is much faster than cutting images by hand. Thanks again, and I love your robots!
how do you get the video to play? theres no video window or dialog box or anything, sorry im a bit of a computer retard

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