Resin Jewelry Tutorial With John W. Golden Part 1





Introduction: Resin Jewelry Tutorial With John W. Golden Part 1

A how-to video for using epoxy resin, silver-plated rings and pewter pendant trays to create jewelry from reproductions of your artwork. Part 1 of 3.

See John's finished rings, pendants and artist's reproductions at



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    Question about the resin and using it the next day.. How do you keep it from curing? Or do I make new resin? Thanks :-)

    What are the sizes you print the art work at??

    Where's the video?

    Great 'ible, terrificly detailed! Reminded me of my third grade teacher, she called it "Modge Podge", too. Thanks bunches!

    Beautiful! So cool! Could you please type out your website? I can't read fast enough on the video

    John, Thank you so much! I've been designing and making my vintage bottle cap necklaces for about 6 months now, but every so often I was running into the problem of the resin causing that 'bleed' effect on certain images. It's especially aggravating when it happens to 10 or more at a time, and I have some big orders coming up. Never thought to use mod podge, but I've been wracking my brain over what I can do to fix the problem.
    And Blakeney is right, those 1" hole punches are Sah-WEET! I don't know what I'd do without mine. They're only about $6, and you can find em at Michael's.

    If you'd like to see what I do, take a peek at my site:
    Chromatic Creations

    You're a lifesaver!


    Thanks for the share! Great instructable. I want to make a few custom pendants, where can I find the pewter pendants and rings that you use? Thanks!

    Do you or does anyone know where I can order plain metal resin trays without any loops or ring backs attached to them?  My fiance and I are making cuff links for his groomsmen and we have purchased the cuff link part but have been been unable to find plain old resin trays without the jewelry attachments.  Our cuff links are 15mm wide so we need something this size or slightly larger.  Thanks,