Picture of Resin Spikes for Jewelry
This is a simple tutorial on how you can create these cool spike charms for a piece of jewelry.  Hopefully you could be inspired to use the same techniques to create something similar if you do not like the look of the spikes. I originally posted this tutorial on Cut Out and Keep, but I'm hoping it will get a little more love over here!

You will need:
- A mould maker e.g siligum
- Fimo/sculpey 
- eye pins
- Resin
- Chain & Jump rings (For full necklace)

Tools - Wire cutters and Round nose pliers

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Step 1: Decide on Shape

Picture of Decide on Shape
To start, make your desired shape of 'spike' out of fimo. After inserting an eye pin into the top of it, bake it according to the instructions on the packet.

If you have somthing which you really like the shape of use it! These are only necessary in order to make the mould.

I am showing you this part of the process with a slightly different spike, as I did not take photos of the originals for the first few steps.

Step 2: Make the mould(s)

Picture of Make the mould(s)
Mix the two parts of the siligum mould and press your fimo spike/shape into it and leave it to set for 5 minutes. The eye pin comes in handy once the mould has set, as it makes it easy to pull out your shape. You will need to make a few moulds so that you are able to make many spikes at once (I made 7).

If you are not sure what siligum is/don't know how to use it then you can YouTube it! There are loads of helpful siligum tutorials which will show you exactly what to do.

Step 3: Supporting wire

Picture of Supporting wire
Take a bit of wire and bend it at a right angle. I used a long eye pin and just cut off the eye part.
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Thank you! Congrats to you too! x
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