Call me a huge nerd, but I recently decided it was necessary to memorize the color codes used to designate the values of different resistors.  I've also recently become interested in making (relatively) large scale representations of electronic components, either in a semi-functional or purely artistic way.

A wall clock seemed a perfect fit to learn colors - it's something you might look at a number of times per day, it has roughly the right number of digits/colors, and it's generally useful anyway.  So I set out designing and after cycling through a couple other designs, I settled on using acrylic parts - beige for the resistor cores, gray for the inner and outer "wires" - glued together with electrical tape wrapped around.  It's certainly possible to make it into one big piece of acrylic and painting the cores, but this seemed like more of a challenge and a bit more fun.  The clock is 10" in diameter, a good medium sized clock.

Now there's a great new way to learn the color codes and eliminate the need for a google search every time I'm working with resistors!

Step 1: Supplies

  1. 11 x 11 x 1/8" ivory acrylic (TAP Plastics)
  2. 11 x 11 x 1/8" dark gray acrylic (TAP Plastics)
  3. Clock movement (Amazon)
  4. Rainbow electric tape (Amazon) - need black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, gray, & white
  5. 1 AA battery (wherever)
  1. Laser cutter
  2. Acrylic glue (TAP Plastics)
  3. Hypo applicator (TAP Plastics)
<p><strong>OHM</strong> my god! (see what I did there) That is awesome!</p>
I tip my hat to you! this is the ultimate elctronics geek clock. This is simply a MUST DO project.
<p>This is an cool idea! Thin I must make one for my small workshop !!</p>
hey im wanting to make this for my brother for a Christmas gift but i don't have a laser cutter is there any way you can make a file you could open in word or something like that please get back to me asap
<p>There are free dwg file viewers available, but they may not print out to paper. I suggest purchasing( your going to have to buy clockworks anyway) a new white faced clock at Walmart or some dollar store, and borrow color markers from some kid if you don't have any</p>
Join the resistance! &quot;OOOHHHHMMMMM!&quot;
Great idea! I made mine with &quot;cheaper materials&quot;. <br>
I like your version too !&hellip;
i like your thinking
very cool, could be of serious help to someone new to electronics. what better way to remember the values.
Brilliant. I've been using the colour code for over 50 years but it never ocurred to me to do something like this. Great idea!
Just love it!
awesome! I love this ! great idea.
Very creative! Love it!

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