Picture of Resistor To Led Tester
Hi everyone , today I would like to show you how to make your own resistor to led tester , 

ok so how many time's doe's this happen to you ,
your working on a led project and you need to match the right resistor with the led  
well you could say this happens a all the time right ,

yes now some of us know which to use with your led if your resistors are  labeled ,
but if your like me and reuse parts you have to figure out which one is which  ,
ok so you can go online and use the led resistor calculator stuff like that but I like the hands on approach   , 

so here's how it work using some everyday parts I made a connector that all you have to do is pop in a led on one side and a resistor in the other , then your led will show up brighter or dimmer  depending on the resistor ,
you use the brightness of the led to tell which is the resistor that you need , 
and also to tell you how much power you need to provide the led , 

so all in all pretty simple to use and I find it easier to , 
so let us get started .
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