Based on the Adafruit Resistor Helper papercraft resistor calculator designed by Adafruit with Mathew Borgatti

Nope, you can't purchase one, you gotta make it yourself.

Unless you are one of those who can remember the entire color code for 4- and 5-band marked resistors (test later on how many possible combinations there are; I'm still working on wiring up CAT-5 correctly), you need the help of a reference chart or you can use the handy papercraft Adafruit Resistor Helper. Need a cool thing to wear to work or school?  What better time to make or give the gift of a tie? Of course, for the geek and technically inclined, a hacked tie would be even better.

You can make a resistor tie from scratch but you can also repurpose old ties too. Do something with those old power ties to make them current.

I am just going to use a tie I found at the dollar store (really $2, it had a cool sparkly techno vibe in the pattern) and make a few quick mods to implant the papercraft resistor helper.

CAUTION: Know how to use pointy and sharp things like scissors. Know how to sew,  press and iron safely.

Step 1: Materials Needed

A regular men's necktie, non knitted

Raid the office supply cabinet for the following:

Thin cardstock or heavy paper to print out the color wheels

Iron-on transfers for light or dark material depending on the choice of tie

Ink-jet printer to print image on iron-on transfer blanks

Brass paper fasteners, the one that look like a tack but the front  tangs split open

Clear packaging tape or laminator

Fusible iron-on interfacing or embroidery fabric stabilizer

Simple sewing skills and necessary sewing notions, punch awl and seam ripper optional
lol @ hanging chad, I am surprised no one else commented on that.
<em>&quot;CAUTION: As with all ties, do not wear when working near machinery, open flames, or eating soup.&quot;</em> <br> <br>But, those are all the times I would need this!
I learn something new every day. I never knew Italians wrote Chinese.

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