I know how to calculate the resistance of the resistor, but as a hobbyist, I never remember the color code and the equation. Moreover, I did not get the difference between "orange" and "red" color for those old 5% carbon resistor.

One of the direct method to know the resistance is using multimeter, but finally I think a "real" resistor scale is much better for me, so I make this "Resistor Companion".

Making this resistor companion is easy, just print the last jpg to the printer and laminated it.

U need to make small holes and placing the resistor on it.

The laminated paper is strong enough to hold resistor and u can even make a smaller one for daily use resistor.

Probably, u can make a "resistor storage" as I make before.


<p>Color code makes the understanding of resistance of resistor easy for beginners. This is a good one for learning. THUMBS</p>
<p>I am color blind but tricks like this helped me to survive in electronics for over 30 years. Excellent!</p>
<p>In spain the phrase its NeMaRoNaAVeAViGrisyBlanco.</p>
<p>hi but i have an iPhone app (<a href="https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/ileds-calculate/id537413362?mt=8" rel="nofollow">https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/ileds-calculate/id537413362?mt=8</a>) that resolve the hobbyst problemas with leds and show color code of resistor.</p>
Color code, it's easy just remember this silly phrase.<br><br>Bad Beer Roth Our Young Gut But Vodka Goes Well.<br><br>0.Black 1.Brown 2.Red 3.Orange 4.Yellow 5.Green 6.Blue 7.Violet 8.Gray 9.White.
<p>my college prof taught me this sequence:<br><br>Better Be Right Or Your Great Big Venture is Going Way.</p>
Thanks, it is great.<br>but it is still difficult for me to remember... because english is not my native language.
<p>Hope this will helps you...</p><p>B.B. <em>ROY</em> of Great Britain has <em>Very Good Wife</em></p><p>0.Black 1.Brown 2.Red 3.Orange 4.Yellow 5.Green 6.Blue 7.Violet 8.Gray 9.White.</p>
well make a funny one in your langage, a sentence in your head take less space to carry around. ;)<br><br>But I must say that your board setting look very good. :D
<p>I like this, but how about a picture of the resistor bands, rather than punching holes and mounting all those resistors?</p>
<p>Before I made this, I consider using photo/ color instead. <br>However, taking photo and printing it out may cause some deviation of color.</p><p>Also, the photo of resistors are not in same sizes.....</p><p>But most of all, u can use this companions as &quot;emergency resistor storage&quot;...</p><p>=^.^=</p>
<p>If you can remember the black, brown at the left and grey, white at the right, you can substitute the colors of the rainbow in the middle - good for any language!</p>
<p>Really cool idea. </p>
<p>This is excellent! Thank you for sharing the image, I think a lot of people will really appreciate that!</p>

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