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Introduction: Resistor Companion

I know how to calculate the resistance of the resistor, but as a hobbyist, I never remember the color code and the equation. Moreover, I did not get the difference between "orange" and "red" color for those old 5% carbon resistor.

One of the direct method to know the resistance is using multimeter, but finally I think a "real" resistor scale is much better for me, so I make this "Resistor Companion".

Making this resistor companion is easy, just print the last jpg to the printer and laminated it.

U need to make small holes and placing the resistor on it.

The laminated paper is strong enough to hold resistor and u can even make a smaller one for daily use resistor.

Probably, u can make a "resistor storage" as I make before.




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    Color code makes the understanding of resistance of resistor easy for beginners. This is a good one for learning. THUMBS

    I am color blind but tricks like this helped me to survive in electronics for over 30 years. Excellent!

    In spain the phrase its NeMaRoNaAVeAViGrisyBlanco.

    Color code, it's easy just remember this silly phrase.

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    0.Black 1.Brown 2.Red 3.Orange 4.Yellow 5.Green 6.Blue 7.Violet 8.Gray 9.White.

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    my college prof taught me this sequence:

    Better Be Right Or Your Great Big Venture is Going Way.


    Thanks, it is great.
    but it is still difficult for me to remember... because english is not my native language.

    Hope this will helps you...

    B.B. ROY of Great Britain has Very Good Wife

    0.Black 1.Brown 2.Red 3.Orange 4.Yellow 5.Green 6.Blue 7.Violet 8.Gray 9.White.

    well make a funny one in your langage, a sentence in your head take less space to carry around. ;)

    But I must say that your board setting look very good. :D

    I like this, but how about a picture of the resistor bands, rather than punching holes and mounting all those resistors?

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    Before I made this, I consider using photo/ color instead.
    However, taking photo and printing it out may cause some deviation of color.

    Also, the photo of resistors are not in same sizes.....

    But most of all, u can use this companions as "emergency resistor storage"...


    If you can remember the black, brown at the left and grey, white at the right, you can substitute the colors of the rainbow in the middle - good for any language!

    This is excellent! Thank you for sharing the image, I think a lot of people will really appreciate that!