I decided to use a computer power supply for one of my projects. While removing the power supply from an old computer, I thought I need an enclosure too. But the PC case was too large for my use. I re-sized the PC case to a smaller box.  I took some photos to share with you.
As there are several types of computer cases, the steps that I am going to present here could be different for you if you want to do a similar project.
Just get an idea that, you can convert an old computer case to a smaller project box with your arbitrary size.

Step 1: Remove Out Everything From the Case

Remove out everything from inside the case. You may like to keep some of the parts for your future use and not trash them all. Use a drill to remove rivets.
<p>very good</p>
fantastic idea!!!! I knew I kept all those old computers for something!!!!!
<p>You were thinking right! Thank you for viewing my Instructable!</p>
<p>Great idea, now where did I put those old computers .... Thanks! </p>
<p>:-) Thanks! I am glad you like it!</p>

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