Picture of Resole your Birkenstocks
A simple way to resole your Birkenstock Sandals. All materials and instructions from DIY Footwear

Tools Needed:

- An old dull knife
- Sand paper
- Barge Glue
- Popsicle stick
- Chalk
- Box cutter

Materials Needed:

-Rubber Birkenstock Resoling Material.

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Step 1: De-Soling

Picture of De-Soling
1. This first step is important to do well, because any left over old sole material will make glueing on new sole more difficult. Normally the glue that shoe companies use on footwear is very strong so take your time removing it. Slowly work around the edges of the sole to pry and cut it free of your Birkenstock.

We suggest using an old kitchen knife or something that is strong enough to dive between the sole and Birkenstock and pry apart the bond. Once you remove the sole, sand off any remnant pieces of old rubber stuck on the Birkenstock. You will want a clean surface to glue your new sole to.

Keep your old sole in tact to trace in the next step!

Step 2: Cutting Out New Birkenstock Sole

Picture of Cutting Out New Birkenstock Sole
1. Use the old sole you removed off your Birkenstock from Step 1.

2. Place it on a sheet of new Birkenstock sole material and trace with chalk. Use a sharp chalk edge to hug to the outline of old sole as closely as possible.

3. Find a piece of wood or cutting board to lay beneath the new Birkenstock sheet. Then use a box cutter and slowly cut out along chalk outline you created. Be sure to cut along the inside edge of the chalk line. 

4. Once cut, flip the sole over - traction side up. Go back to the heel area and smooth out rough edges with the the box cutter. Next use 120 grit sand paper to buff out the edges and make things pretty!