A simple way to resole your Birkenstock Sandals. All materials and instructions from DIY Footwear

Tools Needed:

- An old dull knife
- Sand paper
- Barge Glue
- Popsicle stick
- Chalk
- Box cutter

Materials Needed:

-Rubber Birkenstock Resoling Material.

Step 1: De-Soling

1. This first step is important to do well, because any left over old sole material will make glueing on new sole more difficult. Normally the glue that shoe companies use on footwear is very strong so take your time removing it. Slowly work around the edges of the sole to pry and cut it free of your Birkenstock.

We suggest using an old kitchen knife or something that is strong enough to dive between the sole and Birkenstock and pry apart the bond. Once you remove the sole, sand off any remnant pieces of old rubber stuck on the Birkenstock. You will want a clean surface to glue your new sole to.

Keep your old sole in tact to trace in the next step!

<p>Did you heat the shoe before peeling off the sole? I heated mine at 200<br> degrees for 10 minutes and still can't get the sole off. It's on there <br>really good. I tried using a steel putty knife, but no luck. Any ideas I<br> can try? Thanks!</p>
<p>ThomasL180, if you haven't fixed those shoes yet, here's how you could get started: Rather than taking the sole entirely off, cut it down to a thin layer and attach the new sole to that layer. Go get a dovetail saw or another very fine-toothed saw. Get some painter's tape and use it to make a precise line around the edge of your sole, so you can see that you're making a perfectly level cut. Here's what I did with a heel repair to illustrate how to tape so you have a precise edge to make that cut, except that you're removing the entire sole. </p>
<p>I am just in the middle of resoling my white London Birkenstocks. The London style is no longer available in white. I did however do something differently than you did. I took a pair of Birkenstock Betula sandals and removed the sole. Then cut them down a little to match my soles. Thanks for doing this intractable and showing me how to do this myself. </p>

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