Step 9: Finish Grind

Picture of Finish Grind
If you want to sand your edges smooth, use a fresh coarse grit abrasive in the sander of your choice.
Use a light touch, some types of foam will roll and rip if you use too much pressure.

And that's it! Enjoy the cushiness of your immortal shoes!

When your new sole wears down past the tread and you want good traction again you can impress new tread in it with the edge of an iron.
Don't slip and fall.

Just what I was looking for. I had to grin at those 7 year old comments saying Crocs were $5 or $10, now they are $35+ and you bet I am going to try this.

darrenhall2 years ago
Cool instructable and I bet they even hold up ok in the wet with that glue - - big respect.
think something like this might work for replacement insoles?
uncoolpizza5 years ago
hey nice job, thanks for posting this!
good tip about melting tread in with an iron. i tried doing that on a very very slippery pair of sandals by cutting in with linoleum carving tools. it works but should work better, i think i'll try melting in next- maybe with a soldering iron?
missmonny7 years ago
Fantastic. Who would have thought to use floormats. You did a really good job. My crocs are still in one piece but now I know what to do when they aren't!!
i have been wondering how to do this for a while, and what to use as the sole. rubber interlocking floormats, looks definately the way to go on this!! great tip! im going to get to work on my torn apart mocasins!!!