Picture of Resonator: How to make a pipe out of parts from Radio Shack.
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This is a small pipe, pocket sized for travel. it doesn't look like anything conspicuous, and it works beautifully. i came up with this while working there. I hate that store..... Pick up the Phone Jack and butane blow torch tip you see in the pictures.

Step 1: Prepwork

Picture of Prepwork
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Start by unscrewing the top cap from the top of the phono jack.
i like the name


it sounds cool}][{
joeliolyijr7 years ago
dude smoking out of metal is soooo bad for you
What is so bad about smoking out of metal?
aluminum is one of the dirtiest metals.
not all types of smoking is harmful to ur health
you get it in your lungs
lol smoking by itself is bad for you....
Vulcanator5 years ago
"Forget-a-lot" smokes
is this what i think?  Sticky Icky? M.J? Buddha? GANJA? 
i hope so...:D
Ohmygod is that eminem?
TheInventor7 years ago
LOL. I noticed you blocked your eyes in every picture.
Most probably bloodshot and sensetive due to a certain substance he had been smoking trying out his pipe
Alex McCown7 years ago
ive toked using alot of diy things ... this looks sturdy enough to carry around :-P
...."leafy smoking substance"........wink wink.......I did not know you could smoke sage.....
actually, sage is in the same family as salvia divinorum a.k.a salvia, which is a powerful holucinogen and lasts about 20 minutes (if its about 80x) great stuff, and its legal.
MrHyde7 years ago
what about whackin it into a bit of garden hose. wouldnt that take care of the heat problem?
God i hope thats not a crack pipe.
nickdisney (author)  Gmastefluffy7 years ago
lol, no, not crack. Its For tobacco, salvia, sage, incence, or any other leafy smoking substance.
Where can you get salvia, whats the good of smoking sage, and what kind of incence are you talking about smoking?
nickdisney (author)  pyro137 years ago
Don't try salvia, smoking sage (not the kind you find in your spice rack) is ritualistic in some cultures and there are certain types of incense you can add to your tobacco. do some research in your area for smoke shops. they can answer all of your carcinogenic questions.
thanks ;D
herbal remedies and the like eh? metal pipes tend to burn hands, and its a chillum I think that the bowl is too small on this and world put a natural gas line out he end to hold by
nickdisney (author)  goider7 years ago
to each his own, i say. ive never had a problem with burning, as long as i roll the thing between my hands. and as far as size goes? ive never had any complaints... i have no idea how to reply to "world put a natural gas line out he end to hold by"...
andrew_297 years ago
also the screen out of ear buds like the head phones workes well
fegundez17 years ago
a bit of leather and a glue gun would help in the heat dept,also when cleaning put a small amount of honey in milk to dissolve any resin or varnish.
nickdisney (author)  fegundez17 years ago
not a chance, guy. this will get hot enough to melt the glue... though wrapping it in leather would work to. ill have to try the honey thing next time...
I have made many a pipe using leather,I believe epoxy was what we used to put the leather on.it looks good and works really well.
dcshoeco337 years ago
thats a chillum not a pipe
nickdisney (author)  dcshoeco337 years ago
good call...
nickdisney (author) 7 years ago
can someone tell me how to make those yellow boxes on pics?
You just click and drag it on. Sometimes it won't work right away so after making a new step you just go back and draw in the boxs.
nickdisney (author)  joejoerowley7 years ago
thank you... ill use that an my next instructable.
If you want to you can go back and reedit it.
i thought it was gonna be like a pvc pipe or something... lol
nickdisney (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
lol... ok.
I bet that gets a little hot after a couple of bowls.
nickdisney (author)  BentSlightly7 years ago
YES!!! i forgot to mention that part. I am about to add a new step to this one to address this. Sorry guys.