Picture of Resourceful Chair and Shlef
You will need to find boxes around the house or in recycling, also glue and anything that will cut through cardboard, and either some sort of wood for support beams or a small boulder.
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Step 1: Chair Support

Picture of Chair Support
Place small boulder or wooden support beams into large box.

Step 2: Fold Box

Picture of Fold Box
Fold the box for further support.

Step 3: Chair

Picture of Chair

Repeat steps one and two for other boxes and then super glue them on top of each other to create a unique chair made of recyclable material.

Step 4: Shelving Unit

Picture of Shelving Unit
Finally, take whats inside the boxes and cutout cardboard pieces to fit around and behind to strengthen the structure of the shelving unit, and glue them on. Once done, you will have a unique chair and shelf that will help save money on buying other furniture.
Love your creative flair!