Introduction: Restarting and Shutting Down Your Computer

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Turning off a computer is different from switching off a television. There are internal settings that a computer as to maintain, and thees have to be recorded before shutting down. However, with windows XP, shutting down is know much faster.

Step 1: Launching Turn Off Computer

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1. Launching turn off computer

2. Click on the start button and click on the turn off computer button.

Step 2: Selecting the Right Option

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1. Stand by puts your computer into low power consumption mode.

2. Turn off switches the computer off completely.

3. Restart is the equivalent of turning the computer off and starting it again


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Masterzz5 (author)2016-10-18

I Made it!

rikstroink (author)2010-07-16

[sarcasm]I have Windows 7, can anyone please help me? My computer is on for 6 weeks now =( [/sarcasm]

RedFlash (author)2009-08-21

This is a bit weird... The readers managed to turn their computer on to read this instructable. They are quite capable of turning it back off

RedFlash (author)RedFlash2009-08-21

Next minute, they will be showing you how to turn the monitor on and off. Tricky business

deathzone (author)2009-07-02

SERIOUSLY, seriously... the only way this would have been of any use is if you added some force shutdown, restart, etc. codings and there are already plenty of ibles for that.

fwjs28 (author)2009-05-31

WTF is the point, i mean if you can turn it on you should have the sense to be able to turn it off....RTFM

Kwitmeh3 (author)2009-05-27

wait its too hard!!!

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