Introduction: Restore Rusty Cast Iron Cookware

How to restore cast iron cookware with fire.

Step 1: How to Restore Cast Iron Cookware With Fire

We found an old nasty cast iron frying pan or skillet in the old house
we tore down. It had been left with food in the pan and was rusty. We show you how to clean the cast iron skillet and remove rust with fire. Then season the pan so it is ready for use. To fire clean cast iron, build a fire and put the cast iron frying pan in the fire and let the fire burn for a couple of hours until the fire is out. Leave the pan alone until it has cooled. Do not try to rapidly cool the cast iron with water - it may crack or warp. Once the fire has died down and the skillet cooled, remove it and scrub the remaining iron oxide powder off with soap and water. This is the only time soap should be used to clean cast iron cookware! After the cast iron has been completely scrubbed free of the iron oxide and any scale from the fire, rinse and completely dry it. Then coat the cookware with food grade oil or grease (vegetable oil, lard, tallow or bacon grease all work). Our favorite is peanut oil if we have it. Put the frying pan in the oven at 350F for one hour. Remove and allow to cook. Coat one more time and repeat the oven one more time. You now should have a nicely clean, seasoned cast iron cooking utensil that will last many years with proper care. This procedure should work well with any cast iron cookware, kitchenware or kitchen utensil: Dutch oven, frying pan, skillet, wok, biscuit pan, sauce pan,griddle, etc. Note: There are many methods and procedures to clean cast iron. This is only one method - not purported to be better or less effective than any other method.


kidintheworkshop (author)2015-10-09

this broke my old kettle and i was pissed

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