Introduction: Restore Wine Glasses

I have these metallic bottom wine glasses that are aged and broken so I decided to try and restore them.

The tools I used are:

  1. Rotary tool with polishing disc and glass etching bit
  2. 1000 grit sand paper
  3. Brasso metal polish

Step 1: Prep With the Rotary Tool

Using the rotary tool grind the surface so that it is shiny and most of the deep scratches are gone.

Step 2: Sandpaper

Use the 1000 grit sandpaper to smooth out the scratches.

On this step if you want an even better finish go through a 1500 grit and even a 2000 grit paper ;-)

Step 3: Polish

Polish with Brasso metal polish or any other brand. I used paper though you may polish with a cloth or even better cotton wool. The second photo shows the before/after.

Step 4: Cut Glasses

I used this instructable to cut the glasses to size:

Step 5: Trim Glass Bottom

I trimmed and roughed up the bottom end of the glasses so that when I glue them the will adhere better.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Here is the result!


chiok (author)2016-07-04

What glue did you use? I'm assuming some sort of epoxy resin?

respina_sina (author)2016-06-12

I like it

gm280 (author)2016-05-30

You did good. They really look nice.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-05-29

I actually like these metal handles better than the traditional glass handles.


Me too. I wish I could find the other three that are missing to complete the set! ;-)

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