Picture of Restore Your WiFi Connection
This is a simple triage approach to restoring a lost WiFi connection. That means the most likely, easy to fix solutions will be presented first. What you see in the photo is not what you want to see. This Instructable is for the person who does not feel qualified to resolve computer problems, but needs his or her computer to work without calling in a technician.

Microsoft's "Troubleshoot" tool has never been helpful to me, even though I have tried it several times. It always finishes with a message telling me to contact the network administrator. 
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Step 1: What you want to see

Click on the four bars next to the speaker symbol (lower right corner of the Windows screen) and this box pops up. Look for the name of your personal local network. We named ours "OurNetwork." As noted in the upper text box, "Connected" may only mean your router is sending a signal. It does not guarantee that the modem is feeding a WiFi signal to the router. Still, you want to see the word "Connected." The other networks belong to our neighbors. They are usually secured by a password, so I cannot simply connect to their networks.
lynnhashomes6 months ago

My "smart" TV suddenly lost its mind about three weeks ago. I would think it's the TV, but the WiFi capable DVD right next to it also is not getting a signal. The wireless printer, another WiFi DVD player in the house, and my Ipad (wherever it is) all work fine. I've reset the router several times; it's a router/modem rolled into one, provided by the infamous Charter.

Bill WW1 year ago
Thanks Phil; useful for all of us.

Next, do you have a way of stopping robo phone calls? The "do not call" list has obviously failed.
Phil B (author)  Bill WW1 year ago
Bill, I will work on it. I remember a story about someone tired of his neighbor's CB radio making snow on his TV. It was a big rig with an antenna tower. He pushed a straight pin through the antenna cable. The next time the owner keyed the microphone the radio was fried.
rimar20001 year ago
Ecellent and exhaustive analisys, Phil. Thanks for sharing.

A few weeks ago I discovered and corrected the cause of a WiFi too slow: a couple of neighbors had the same WiFi channel, then the PC (mine and theirs) had to inspect every packet received to see whether to prosecute. The solution is relatively simple: access the router settings and change the channel. In the web there are many explanations about the matter.
Phil B (author)  rimar20001 year ago
Thank you, Osvaldo. Like you, I believe someone else has had the problem if I am having the problem, and there is a discussion about it somewhere on the Internet. Of course, if I cannot connect my computer to the Internet, I may need to use someone else's system to find the answer to my problem.

Each time my computer would not connect to the Internet I would need to think again about what the causes might be. Then I would need to work through them until I solved the problem. The last time it happened, I made a list. I shared that list with some people and they appreciated it. Recently, a friend phoned me. She and her husband had returned from a vacation and they could not connect to the Internet. Even though there are many people at Instructables who have forgotten more than I will ever know about computers, I decided to do this Instructable for people like my friend who could solve many basic computer problems, but she needs to know just a little more and she feels intimidated by her computer now. (I asked her to unplug her router, wait a minute, and plug it back in. She thought it was a miracle when her Internet signal worked again.)