Introduction: Restore a Radio Flyer Wagon

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Have an old Radio Flyer Wagon sitting in your garage gathering dust? It only takes a few easy steps to make any wagon ready to conquer the hills or the sandy beaches of the coast.

Step 1: Disassemble the Wagon

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Take off all of the main components to the wagon including the drive system, side brackets, and wheels. Gather materials including screwdrivers, sandpaper, spray paint, wood finish, as well as other miscellaneous tools.

Step 2: Sand Parts

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Use Sandpaper to make the wood smooth before applying the finish coat.

Steel Wool can be used for the rusted metal parts to prepare the drive system for painting.

Step 3: Paint and Finish

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Once the parts have been cleaned and sanded they are ready to be painted. Rustoleum is preferred for the metal parts on the wagon to avoid future rusting. A wood finish can be applied to the deck for an updated look and feel. Be sure to use painters tape to avoid panting unwanted pieces.

Step 4: Assemble and Enjoy

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Now start to assemble the wagon when the parts are dried and ready. Don't forget to pump the tires and lube the moving parts. Done!


3-KlickS made it! (author)2015-07-21

Very nice work tukas. I was given the same wagon as a gift to restore and for my daughter and I to enjoy. Strong, durable, and well worth the effort to restore it. Here are a few pictures, all I have let to do is paint the logo back on. My future plans for it are a convertible top for shade made of mesh and possibly 2" lift. Oh yeah, I added a basket to the rear for storage.

No_Limits (author)3-KlickS2015-07-21

Awesome build! The rig looks great and the basket is nice for extra storage. Well done

3-KlickS (author)No_Limits2015-07-22

Thanks it was a very fun project and satisfying at the end to see my 3 yr old daughter at the time face light up. She was on me everyday asking, "Is it finished Daddy? When you going to be done Daddy?" I happen to finish the day before her first day of Preschool. she got to make a grand entrance in it. A little embarrassing though, she had to tell everyone she met, "My Daddy made that for me!"
I forgot to mention that I removed all the little nails that held the wooden slats together and replaced it them with small 1/2" screws. Also the handle I sprayed it with Performix Plastic Dip to give it a better grip.

thezapman (author)2015-06-17

nicely done. here is one i have restored with a custom frame and one totally made by hand as well.

thezapman (author)thezapman2015-06-17

number 1

No_Limits (author)thezapman2015-06-18

That looks sweet! Nicely done

thezapman (author)thezapman2015-06-17

number 2

tukas (author)2015-06-18

Great thing about these wagons is that even when the kids get bigger, you can get SOOO much use out of the wagons if you go camping or picnicking or even to a parade. Do NOT underestimate the power of the Radial Flyer!!!

No_Limits (author)tukas2015-06-18

Definitely! One of the best investments for sure.

neo71665 (author)2015-06-18

I went crazy on my sons. After one year it started rusting even being stored inside the shed. I sandblasted and powercoated all the metal parts, replaced all the hardware with stainless steel, and used bedliner on the inside of the box. Seven years ago and still looks new.

thezapman (author)neo716652015-06-18

thats the way to do it!

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