First throw away all the burned pieces , clean up the mess and paint the cobressor unit.

Step 1: Making the Body From Old Pallets.

Cut and glue pieces of pallets made a furniture special designed for my future mancave.

Step 2:

A nice color and protection for woods , also added foam and pieces of insulation to keep ice cold.

Step 3: Finished With Making the Door Cover .

All done and full working , A few more details needed for this one of kind machine?

Step 4: Final Look!

The foam together with wood have better thermal insulation.
<p>Problem with english is this &quot;pack&quot; of adjective before a noun ...-__-</p><p>At first sight i believe it was a &quot;burned ice&quot; maker .... but in fact you mean your ice maker was old and burned (or your ice maker was old burned (since a long time)) .... but you are not creating burned ice ... what a shame :p</p>

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