Restore and Transform an Old Bike into a Sleek Fixie

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Step 3: Step 2: Strip the frame

Picture of Step 2: Strip the frame
I used a combination of paint stripper and sandblasting to get the paint off my frame. Alternatively, if you do not have access to a sandblaster, you can take it to an car paint shop and get it sandblasted and painted. 

Make sure to get all the paint and any rust off the frame. If you decide to sandblast yourself, it can be a laborious process, but you can do it! 

*Important: Wear a respirator while sandblasting to prevent silicosis, which is caused any tiny particles (in this case, sand) that get lodged in alveoli. Silicosis is a chronic disease and is no fun. Thanks to "retasker" for reminding me.
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retasker2 years ago
If you use real "sand" to do your sandblasting be sure to wear a respirator or risk silicosis (caused by inhaling dust from the sand).

Use commercial sandblasting material which is more expensive but safer.
danzo3212 years ago
I'm sure sandblasting is best, but why not just sand the shine off and repaint? Cars are not sandblasted.