My Ford Ranger's bumper was slowly decaying under the announce of rust so I figured I would put an end to it and give it a little TLC.

To get this started we're going to gather all the materials we will use to complete this instructable.

-Metal Brush Bit
-Impact Drill
-5/16 hex bit
-Bumper Paint

Step 1:

To prep for this project your going to remove the bottom bumper.  The reason for this is so you don't accidentally slip off the metal and scratch your plastic bumper and to also get the metal where the two half meet.  This is where the 5/16 hex bit and impact driver come in.  Under and behind the bumper there are strategically place bolts that hold the plastic piece in place.  Remove and be careful not to have the bumper drop on top of you.

Looks so much better! Awesome job!
Thank you very much!

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