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I picked up this second-hand painting (with frame) for a few dollars the other day, and just had to turn it into a chalk-board!

Step 1:

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Step 1. I started by taking the screws out that were holding the wire hanger up.

Step 2:

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Step 2. I then pulled out all the staples holding the picture into the frame.

Step 3:

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Step 3. I bought a sheet MDF, I then had to measure the inside of the frame boarder, and cut the MDF to size with a jigsaw.

I was then left with a sheet of MDF that fit perfectly inside my frame.

Step 4:

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Step 4. The MDF was then placed inside the frame, and I drew a border of where the frame sits around the MDF.

Step 5:

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Step 5. I then taped off the border, so no paint would get on it.

Step 6:

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Step 6. I primed the MDF with some black spray paint (this is quite important because the chalk-board paint tends to soak into the MDF otherwise).

Step 7:

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Step 7. I chose some blue paint that I had left over from another project to paint my frame with.

A lackey band looped over the paint pot, and then secured with tape is really good for brushing the excess paint off your brush, without getting it all over your lid!

Step 8:

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Step 8. I applied 2 coats of chalk-board paint to the MDF (24hrs drying time between coats), and 3 coats of blue paint onto the frame.

Step 9:

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Step 9. After the final coats of paint were dry I peeled off the masking tape boarder.

Step 10:

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Step 10. I used some PVA glue to hold it all together.

I applied the glue in a thin boarder around the inside of the whole frame, placed the MDF inside the frame, turned it over and dabbed any excess glue off the chalk-board, and then turned it back over and placed a weight on it.

Step 11:

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Step 11. I then had to put the wire hanger back on, I measured 20cm from the top on each side of the frame and marked it out, then I screwed the wire hanger in place.

Step 12: It's Finished!

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This is the before and after, pretty neat right!


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