Restoring Plastic Solar Cells Like New





Introduction: Restoring Plastic Solar Cells Like New

It doesn't take long for the Sun to damage any plastic and solar garden lights are no exception. This spring I decided instead of replacing the old solar yard lights and try restoring the plastic cells do to oxidation. This was not allowing the batteries to fully charge.

Check out my other project I just published Found a way to use damaged solar light that their globes broke do to the Sun's UV rays but the cap that contained the solar cells are still good.

UPDATE: Check out another Solar Light I Made using Old Solar Garden Light

Step 1: Item Needed for Restoring

I used RAIN X because it is a well known brand. I am sure other brands of Headlight restorer would work. Just follow the instructions and be surprise of the results.  Now  I get a fully charged battery. You can see the results in my photos.



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    2000 grit sandpaper from Home Dept (or any hardware store) does an amazing job with very little work ? Just restored more than a dozen of ours when considered at first to just buy more.

    I haven't looked it up yet but do the lights use a nimh AA rechargeable battery? Someone told me they just put a regular AA in it and the light comes on now. But I think it would use a rechargeable.

    cool. I seen some cloudy solar lights out in the yard that is just laying around as junk. I will try this out. I would like to find these in garbage bins haha, I could use the solar cells for a fun project or send them off to other solar hobbyist.

    in the past i have also discovered that brasso works just as well. the old metal canned brasso read at near the bottom that it could be used also on watch crystals and high impact plastics so i thought i will ry it on "headlight lenses" we used a 2 step process devoloped by 3M that required a air powered tool to do the scrubbing. very expensive. brasso was less than 3 bucks 3M took at least 30 mins to do brasso less than 15 with only a cotton cloth and clean as well if not better. cheaper quicker. Just sayin.

    Cool I always pick these out of garbage piles with cloudy cells and throw them back thinking they are no good next time ill try this

    For the plastic cleaning. Have not tried but seen on instructabales, hot soapy water, then old toothbrush with toothpaste. Doodado

    Oo nice. I should try that. i have a few that are a bit confused. One light is on all day and the other just is ca-poo-t.

    I wonder if this would work on restoring my glasses? Just that I'm too afraid to try them on something that I need daily and make them worse.
    What do you think?