Picture of Restoring Porch Lights
Restoring Porch Lights
Old Rusty Porch Lights made new again, I made it at TechShop (Pittsburgh location).

So, a few years ago I purchased the pictured porch lights at Home Depot.  They were nice brushed stainless steel looking lights. Even better that they were on clearance for around 10 bucks each and were going to replace some really ugly ones that came with the house.  I quickly found out why they were likely on clearance – they rusted very, vey quickly.  I was preparing to replace them about the time I took the Sand Blast and Power Coating SBU at Tech Shop Pittsburgh… and a light went off!
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Step 1: Materials List

Picture of Materials List
Items needed:
• Time & patience (a rare commodity here)
• Tech shop membership or access to a media blaster and power coating equipment
• Wrench and pliers
• Safety glasses and respirator or mask of some kind
• Paper & pen , camera, or a good memory so you know how to put your lights back together
• Plastic gloves & welding or heat resistant gloves
• Power coat pain (I ordered mine “extruded aluminum” and “flat clear coat” from
• TSP or Simple Green