Introduction: Restoring Tools

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Have you ever been trying to unscrew a screw and then your screwdriver breaks I'll teach you how to fix them

Step 1: Grinding

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Most of the time you can fix the head of your screwdriver and it will work again.

Step 2: Bending

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I had a Flat Head screwdriver and the head bend so all you have to do is hammer it flat or use pliers.

Step 3: Conclude

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I hope this has saved you a few bucks and gave your screwdrivers new live Don't forget to vote for me in the tools contest Thx!


schildress4 (author)2015-02-17

Sorry it didn't get entered but vote no Diy Security Screwdriver in tools contest THX!

schildress4 (author)schildress42015-02-17

My mistake it enter vote on both though THX!!

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