Step 4: Reassembly - Quill and Spindle

Picture of Reassembly - Quill and Spindle
This part is straightforward. The photos show the quill and spindle parts laid out in the order they go back together, then the assembled unit, and finally the unit placed back into the upper casting. These parts, except the casting, should still have some oil on them from the cleaning. If they do not be sure to put a light coat of oil on them before assembling the parts.

Start with the spindle and slide the lower stop ring down to the chuck. Make sure you get the lower stop ring the correct way up. There is a hole for the upper stop guide on one side that has to line up with the matching part on the casting.

Next the quill slides on, witht he bearing towards the chuck. Once the quill is all the way down place the lower stop ring on it, but only tighten it finger tight. It should sit right at the base of the quill.

Next is a brass bushing followed by the retaining ring. Slide them down on top of the quill and lock the retaining ring in place with the allen set screw. Make sure the quill turns freely, back off the retaining ring if needed.

Slide the whole assembly into the upper casting from the bottom until it contacts the lower stop ring. It helps to have the casting sitting on it's back as there is nothing to hold the quill in place yet.