Flat tires, bent rims, and allot of surface rust, have you ever come across a bike that has been in neglect?
Thank you to the person that left and forgot about their beautiful Raleigh in front of the State Hall and gave me the opportunity to compose this Instructable.
This bike is in the middle of restoration using a sandblaster and powder coating hood at my local hackerspace, TechShop. "I made it at TechShop"

Step 1: Step one: Acquire a bicycle, and Strip all components.

After acquiring your bicycle start stripping all of the components. Start by first taking off the wheels and then the crank and then the fork and handlebars.
<p>A note worth leaving is it's a bad idea to sand blast aluminum bikes! The metal is too soft and sand particles will get engrained in the following finish from being stuck in the metal. When it comes to aluminum bikes, you're better off with the tedium of good ol' sandpaper </p>

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