Picture of Restoring a wooden toy tractor
Just recently I bought a beat down wooden toy tractor on a fleamarket. I costed me 4€. Before giving it to my son I decided to give it a little facelift.

Tools involved:
3mm and 5mm drill bits
sandpaper (80 to 320 grit)
cutting knife

wood dowels 5mm
welding wire 3mm
wood beads
blue masking tape 6mm from 3M
standard painters masking tape
spray paint (red and clear)
primer for plastic

Step 1: Taking apart and sanding

Picture of Taking apart and sanding
The title says it pretty clear: take everything apart, keep all the parts (for now) and give the wood parts some treatment with sandpaper. Start with a rough grit to get rid of the old coating and work yor way up to the fine grit to create a smooth surface.
nodcah1 year ago

Awesome! Also, I totally think the simple paint job looks the best!

That is super awesome !

BikeHacker1 year ago

This is so cool!

Better than buying junk made in china
Kiteman1 year ago

That's an awesome job!