Picture of Restoring Your Broken XBee
Just a while ago, I had a problem of bricking my xbees.  I was using moltosenso IRON and I accidentally loaded the wrong firmware on it.  For this tutorial, I will use series 2 XBees (not proven to work yet on series 1) and restore them to their original state.  Most all problems with not showing up on the com port, not being able to communicate once you have loaded some random firmware are all causes of bricking your XBee.  I have watched some videos on this, and I had to search around for the best possible outcome.  This probably will restore your broken XBees, and be the easiest tutorial.

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments section.

Note: This will work with XBee-Pros.

Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
All you need is an

XBee Explorer (or other xbee FTDI board)
1 Jumper wire
Bricked XBee S2
A PC running the newest version of X-CTU
HeyElleCP3 years ago
Wow, amazing! Let us know when you do some other XBee work. We created an XBee project gallery, and we'd love to feature one of your XBee projects.

Keep up the great work!

AsifH HeyElleCP9 months ago

Please tell me too...........I am using Xbee s1.........I am not able to configure it??

Qtechknow (author)  HeyElleCP3 years ago
Thanks for the comment. I am working on an Xbee project with the help of Building Wireless Sensor Networks. I will have a functional project by the end of this month and at Bay Area Maker Faire.
MissusL1 year ago

This helped me immensely! Thank you :)

Thank you guy! You are THE BOSS!

Very useful! Saved me a lot of time! :)
Very nice work ! I am 48 years old and I haven't worked with xbee yet...guess I better get started. I started with electronics when I was about your age , and to this day I still find it so fascinating.
Arduino , Xbee , PIC chips , internet and Instructibles have all made for awesome electronics learning. I look forward to your next Instructible ...curious to know what you made with your Xbee's !
Thanks again for your contribution!
Qtechknow (author)  Build_it_Bob3 years ago
Thanks very much for the reply. I hope to do more awesome XBee projects in the future (probably one this month). Thanks for subscribing too.
Ralphxyz3 years ago
Fantastic, actually I have not bricked a XBee (yet) as I am just getting started
but this was a very informative instructable, Thank You!!

automazio2 months ago



sduarte4 months ago

Just worked!!! =D Thanks a lot!!

nanun4 months ago

thank you so much...

I followed the instructions and it worked...

rensbaeyens11 months ago

Hi, as most of the people trying out xbees, I bricked a couple.

After a while I discovered the remote configure possibility.


This removes the necessity to reset your xbee and so on..

cmujica1 year ago

Me has salvado el XBEE con el reseteo, muchas gracias

Funcionó con un - It work with a XBEE PRO 900 RPSMA modem type XBP09-DP

Funcionó con un - It work with a XBEE PRO 900 RPSMA modem type XBP09-DP

madaze2 years ago
iv been noticing a few people still having issues with the recovery of there Xbees and im glad that everyone here seems to have fixed there "bricked" Xbees. but for those of you still having issues (like i did) try these settings and reset your comp and try these steps again. it worked Awesome for me! http://www.digi.com/support/kbase/kbaseresultdetl?id=3418
teknohawk2 years ago
Hey, Qtechknow, I want to get started with X-Bees. Are they hard to use?
jsohail12 years ago
same errors are being displayed by my xbee but this method jst didnt work . the error msg in the last step didnot go away when i shorted RST and GND . any suggestion ?
Qtechknow (author)  jsohail12 years ago
Hmm... Try XB-24ZB for the modem and Zigbee Coordinator API for the device, and then if that works, try again with the same modem, but with the device that you want your XBee to have the firmware of. When I originally made the Instructable, I figured out that sometimes you need to burn the firmware of a different modem for different XBees to function correctly. Thanks!
jhon_isaak2 years ago
hola que tal buen tutorial teno un xbee S2xb24-ZTWIT y realice los pasos que mostraste en tu tutorial pero no me funciono!!!! Ojala y me puedas guiar de que debo hacer ahora por que no puedo avanzar en mi proyecto gracias
Qtechknow (author)  jhon_isaak2 years ago
Me alegro que funcionó! Si está atrapado en una parte de su proyecto, le recomiendo mirar el libro Construyendo Redes de Sensores Inalámbricos por Rob Faludi.
tomlogic3 years ago
Nice Instructable, Qtechknow. Check out the free program Greenshot for taking screen shots. Has a nice feature of being able to easily grab any window, and has a quick editor for cropping before saving to disk.

Should make it easier to write future Instructables.

himanshu4943 years ago
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