Ever found yourself ordered to tie up that nasty hero and then you realize hey i never learned how to effectively tie someone up. You then end up just wrapping the rope around him and using overhand knots. He escapes and guess who just lost their job.

Step 1: Making Your Handcuffs

Their are many ways to tie someone up and this is my method if you have a better one post it I want to see it.

First you will need a rope. I advise against using a anything that can't hold the below shape.
is the knot supposed to come apart when pull the ends all the way like a tomfool's knot? i read somewhere that you shouldn't use a tomfool's for a handcuff. just wondering if i was tying it right.
you are correct. if you do not have the loops around someones wrists and you pull the ends the loops will pull all the way through. you are also correct that this cuffing method is not a friendly one. it uses only a single wrap to go around the wrists which means all the pressure of struggling and tying is focused on the smallest point possible. <br />
It's called the 'Mexican Handcuff knot', and it's more stable than the 'Texas Ranger Handcuff' knot (that one looks like a pretzel during tying). There's a MUCH better description on how to tie it here:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://jackelfrink.com/tutorials/mexican-handcuff">http://jackelfrink.com/tutorials/mexican-handcuff</a><br/><br/>Your line drawings in this 'instructable' aren't clear enough for most people.<br/>
I get what he's saying. But thanks for the link. Now I have an idea of how to keep the loops from falling apart.
The other option is to use knots that don't... suck? Overhand knots won't cut it.
always make four
So you make a noose? That's all you're showing. I'm pretty sure that's for hanging pirates, never seen it used to restrain people.
No noose. It's kind of a double noose, but not really.
That wasn't a noose. If you tried to use that to hang somebody, you might just decapitate them... Or it might not work altogether.
When I was a kid we used to see escape artists on The Ed Sullivan Show. It always amazed me that these people would be given 100 feet of rope and use it all with no real knots used. So...not that I've ever had to tie anyone up, but just watching that sort of thing on national TV sparked my interest. I guess we used to tie each other up playing cops and robbers. Here's another knot to try. In the middle of the rope, tie a simple shoe lace knot resulting in two loops. Insert the arms into the two loops, tighten, and tie a square knot with the loose ends. Fin. Of course if you use nylon rope and get it wet, you can stretch almost any loops out enough to escape.
The only problem with that is when you actually try and pull it tight the center of the knot loosens and it's more of a pain.
i would say i use this when i feel like it and what i use it for is simple to tie people up if you wonder who that information is classified
Just how often do you use this...and what, may I as, do you need it for?

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