This is what we are going to create:

Step 1: Parts

This is what we need:

- 34 yellow connectors
- 4 green connectors
- 3 orange connectors
- 1 white connector
- 3 gray connectors
- 2 red connectors

- 2 yellow rods
- 5 grey rods
- 4 white rods
- 6 green rods

- 2 blue washers
- 2 grey washers (thicker then blue ones)
- 1 black (kind of) connector
- another 1 black (kind of) connector (another one)
(close-ups in following steps..)

- 7 small rubber bands (THIN ONES)
- 1 scissor
will it work without the black piece cause i dont have that one
just rods.<br />
What do you use as bullets?
wicked gun i moded it and it is awosme
bad handle, but other than that, fine!
Simple, but GOOD...
simple yet good yet not a block trigger!
well, it doesn't look to bad, but it's very simple.

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