Picture this; You wake up in the morning, and you try to turn on your gamecube; you push the button, and you hear a whirring noise, but nothing else happens.  NOOOOOO! the guys are coming over to play Super Smash Bros. in a couple of hours, and the gamecube doesn't work!  Before you launch into a bunch of "that's what you get for buying a gamecube. loser!'", I know, I don't want to hear it.  For those of you who love your cube, though, I hope this helps.

Step 1: What Went Wrong?

If there has recently been a power surge where you live, that may be responsible for the problem you are having.  The symptoms are as follows: the external power supply functions normally, but when you plug in the cube and push the power button, the fan turns on, but nothing else happens; no light, no video, no spinning disc, nothing.  Nothing you do changes this condition.  So what's wrong? is the gamecube fried?  The Nintendo maintenance procedure for fixing this problem is to replace the entire board, which, obviously, is expensive and wasteful; the only part that's fried, as it turns out, is the fuse, which, for reasons I will never understand, Nintendo went out of its way to hide deep inside the system.  I'm going to tell you how to take the system apart and replace the fuse with a cheap, equivalent fuse from radio shack or another electronic parts supplier.
Ill be playing and the game cuts in and out. Its still going but i cant see or hear anything. At first we thought it may be because its older and my boyfriends laptop took too much power on the strip. Everytime we shut down the laptop it would work better but now it just gives me more black screen than the game. What went wrong and how do i fix it?
<p>Hopefully people still come here and will see this. I have two gamecubes that turn on just fine but it usually goes straight to &quot;An error has occurred. Turn the power<br>OFF and check the<br>Nintendo GameCube<br>Instruction Booklet for<br>further instructions.&quot; This discs are clean and I have cleaned the lens. I am unsure on what the problem is and how to proceed. Any help is appreciated.</p>
It means that the disc drive is damaged, you can try and replace it.
I have noticed that after about 20 minutes my Game Boy Player stops dead, but after the same period of time on, say, Super Smash Bros. Melee, the Cube is just fine. Anyone have suggestions on keeping the Game Boy Player alive for longer than 20 minutes?<br />
If you couldn't guess from the nature of my instructable, I don't know all that much about how gamecubes work. However, I would hazard a guess that, for some reason, running the gameboy player stresses the graphics chip or the CPU more than running the internal system (although that doesn't really make sense based on what I know about computers). Try putting the gamecube in a cool place, such as next to an air conditioning vent, and see if it runs longer. If it does, you probably have a cooling problem, and you could adopt any number of solutions used by computer wizards to make PCs run cooler. Look around on the rest of the site to see if anyone at least knows what causes this problem. I'm just speculating here.
It might run hotter because it is emulating a game boy color which uses alot more power than just running things built for it. For instance, my laptop, with 2.8ghz core i7 and a dedicated nvidia gpu, forgot the model, can barely run Dark Alliance for the gamecube.
It's not emulating anything. The gameboy player contains actual GBA hardware, the gamecube is only supplying power, controller passthrough and video output.
thaks for the tutorial! but should i use a 250-volt fuse or a 125-volt fuse?
Does anybody knowwhat size the cooling fan is ?
hi so I have a GameCube and it seem to work perfectly fine until randomly in any game it will stop spinning the disc and say &quot;an error has occurred please refer to the Nintendo GameCube manual&quot; does anyone have a solution?
Your game disc is corrupted or scratched.
<p>Hello! Thank you so much for this, I resurrected my Gamecube following these instructions, I've never even done soldering before!</p><p>Thanks too, chairsgotoschool, my Gamecube is an older one with a tiny brown fuse on the power regulator board, labelled F1. The same method still worked anyway, cheers!!</p>
Thanks, fixed 2 gamecubes for me. I know there are 3 gamecube types. judging by your picture since it has the gold ground along the side yours is the type C. it has a integrated power regulator, its the newest type of gamecube. then there is the type B and A, both have it on the power regulator board which unplugs from the gamecube motherboard. one is on the same side as the power port and the other is on the opposite side, they all look the same and are labeled F1 so its pretty easy to find them. <br> <br>If you dont want to buy a fuse you can just short the fuse, solder some wires to it or put some kind of clamp on it for testing purposes but if you leave it like that it will have no protection so if you short it or a surge happens you will likely ruin something much hard or impossible to fix. Thanks again!
I just got 4 non-working game cubes...this may be very useful!
what about when the gamecube shuts off after a few minutes of playing<br />
ati Graphics are overheating. Re thermal paste or strip the heat syncs .<br>This may help you http://www.gamesx.com/misctech/gamecube.htm
Screw Diagram - http://kyorune.com/modding/article.php?id=84
That sounds like an overheating problem.&nbsp; Try putting a small fan at it's highest speed in front of the intake fan.&nbsp; If it's real dusty inside, you might have to open it up and clean the inside with a vacuum and/or compressed air. <br />
Exactly; that has nothing to do with the fuse.&nbsp; If it turns on at all, the fuse is probably fine.&nbsp; Try what camintmier suggests.<br />
I LOVE gamecube, wii sucks soo much, a complete letdown!! I broke mine by accident a couple of years ago, I still have TONS of games so eventually ill buy another one of of ebay.

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