Resurrection Stone




Introduction: Resurrection Stone

Simple and easy

Wish you enjoy it

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You can do more neat than me .

Sorry for not being so much neat.

Step 1: Glass

Things you need :

1.A clear stone glass (you can find it in colored glasses for decoration)

2.Nail polish ( i used brown, black, and white)

3.Top coat (nail polish)

Step 2: Draw

Draw a deathly hollows sign with white nail polish at the flat part of the glass

Step 3: Put

I mixed brown and black nail polish and then apply it on the flat side of the glass.

Step 4: Apply

Apply a clear topcoat on the flat side .

While you are doing the all steps make sure the nail polish is completely dry and then you can do the next step.

And you are done. You can do more neat than me .Sorry for not being so much neat.



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