Picture of Retelling a Story Visually
This activity adheres to reading, writing, and visual art standards for second graders. Students learn the importance of comprehension, summarizing, and presenting their information in various mediums. 

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
• Scenery photos
• Pencils
• Large paper to create organizer of scenes
• Paper (printer paper or construction paper)
• Crayons
• Markers

Step 2: Description of the Reading Lesson

Picture of Description of the Reading Lesson
• To begin this lesson, the teacher completes a read aloud to the children. In this activity, I chose to use Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus (#1) by Barbara Park.
• After reading, create a large sheet that contains all of the various sections that children can illustrate. (It is fine to have repeats, but be sure that all main ideas are covered)

• Throughout the read aloud, be sure to ask students various questions. This is a longer book so it will not be completed in one day. Be sure to ask students to help summarize what has happened in the past to reiterate the different events.
• Use a big sheet of paper or something permanent that you can reference in case there are mix-ups to write down the events of the story and which students are responsible for it.

Step 3: Description of the Writing Lesson

Picture of Description of the Writing Lesson
• After students have their assigned section, they will write a brief description or summary explaining their illustration.

• If students don't know what to write, ask them to explain their image.
• Provide the book to students if they want to learn how to spell specific words or names conventionally.