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Many people ask me how I create such neat retextures on ROBLOX. Since it is very difficult to explain in text, people are often deterred. However, having your work featured in the ROBLOX catalog isn't as hard as it seems! ** I apologize for any bad image quality. I cannot prevent it! :( **
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Step 1: Find an Item to Retexture

Picture of Find an Item to Retexture
In order to begin retexturing, you must find an item to retexture; from there, insert it into an instance of ROBLOX Studio in which you have access to Explorer and Properties. To do this, use either Free Models, execute an InsertService script, or wear the item into the game. For all intents and purposes, I will be retexturing the Red Stetson hat.

Step 2: Find the TextureId

Picture of Find the TextureId
TextureId img.png
In order to find the texture, you must have Explorer and Properties open. If you don't, click View > Explorer and View > Properties or ask the forums. The TextureId is located inside the Mesh object inside of the item's handle.

Step 3: Locate the Texture Image

Picture of Locate the Texture Image
Link Replacement.png
StetsonRed img.png
Now that you know the item's TextureId, you need to find the picture. Here's how: copy the numbers at the end of the TextureId, open an item in the Catalog (such as the hat or gear itself), and replace the numbers at the end of the Catalog item with the TextureId's numbers. You should land on a 2D rendition of the item you decided to retexture.

Step 4: Edit the Texture

Picture of Edit the Texture
Now that you have the actual image, it's time to retexture it! Copy and paste (or save and open) the picture into your favorite image editor. For this tutorial, I'll be using paint.NET - a free and awesome image editor. To get paint.NET 3.5.10 (the latest as of when this Instructable was created), click here. Change up the image as much as you'd like -- try to keep in mind what it will look like in 3D.

Step 5: Publish the Texture to ROBLOX

Picture of Publish the Texture to ROBLOX
UploadDecal img.png
In order to publish the texture to ROBLOX, you need to create a Decal. To do this, go to My ROBLOX, Stuff, and Decals. Click Create New. Find the file of the texture you were editing, and upload it!
ianolivia2 years ago
I used this instructable to make a retexture! The retexture is not done, but it is on devantART. This is the link: http://ianolivia.deviantart.com/art/Hamtaro-Faberge-Egg-Retexture-371845116?q=gallery%3Aianolivia%2F43662235&qo=0