Picture of Retractable Air Hose On Portable Compressor
A retractable air hose attached to a wall in a shop is neat and convenient. So why not have the same convenience on a Portable Compressor?

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
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I was tired of the tangled mess of the air hose, especially when working in a cluttered or confined area. So I waited till a retractable air hose came on sale and mounted it on the handle of my portable compressor.
Materials needed:
A scrap piece of ¾ in plywood (7x10 in was the size that worked for my compressor)
A roll of steel suspension strapping
8 - ¾ in wood screws
3 - 1½ long ¼ in bolts
3 - ¼ in lock nuts
3 -  ¼ in flange washers
iscovell2 years ago
D55146 compressor + hose
cbdave (author)  iscovell2 years ago
Great minds think alike
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