Picture of Retractable Bullet Pen

A buddy of mine is into target shooting. I made this pen for him out of a Bic retractable pen and 2 shell casings.

It’s a very simple project but I thought it was too cool not to share.


rheath22 years ago
taria4 years ago
you found my weakness....pen's that are so different people ask me what the heck was I thinking when i got it. this would be so cool to add to my collection. I so want one now. I don't know anyone who goes hunting who would be willing to give me shell casings...bummer.
Check here for a nicer looking version, made and sold by Mrballeng
zgr95 taria4 years ago
you can buy just the casings from places that sell reloading gear
xinistrom zgr954 years ago
or your local gunsmiths
klincecum4 years ago
Could you add some instructions? Just pics is not clear.

Thanks :)
Mrballeng (author)  klincecum4 years ago
Of course. I just have to finish all these cufflinks I'm making.
lol, cufflinks, can't wait to see what they are made of :)
please please share this progect. i have some empty bullet shells around that i couldnt have been bothered to clean up. i would like to do something with these.
the casing looks like 7.62x54r fired from mosin nagant o rthe russian dragonov
tyeo0984 years ago
What caibre is that?
I thought it was .303 Brit at first, but the shoulder looks funny.

I might use 2 .30-06's from a 1943 box I have.
Mrballeng (author)  tyeo0984 years ago
I asked, both are 3040.
I am thinking .303 Brit as well, I believe that the shoulder looks funny because it expanded against the chamber walls upon being fired.
Yeah but tha chamber is the same shape as the cartridge, otherwise itd rupture haha.
.30-30 maybe?
Yeah, my money is on the .30-30 as well. Definitely not a .308, the casings used to make the pen are rimmed as opposed to the rimless .308.
Mrballeng (author)  tyeo0984 years ago
I think it's .308. I'll ask.
mgalyean4 years ago
I'm guessing 7.62x54R or .30-30 cases. A rebated rim (rim doesn't stick out; has groove between rim and case; designed to stack better in magazines) like the .308, .30-30, 7.62x39, .30-06 etc would be cool for the front case as there would be no rim sticking out into web of hand. Not sure how much of an issue that would be, but it might smooth up the look and feel. The rim on the back looks good and wouldn't impinge.
mgalyean4 years ago
Those are rimmed cartridges so neither .308 or .303. .30-30 is possible. The one in front looks larger. Is that an illusion?
rimar20004 years ago
Nice work!

In my case, I can't use metallic pens. Metal slides off under my fingers.
build524 years ago
I might do it awesome!
Dr. Pepper4 years ago