Picture of Retractable Earphone Cord Case (I made it at Techshop!)
My earphone cords are constantly getting tangled when I try to wrap it up in my case, so I decided to take advantage of my Techshop membership and create a custom retracter to fit my case.  The concept would be fairly simple: create a circular plastic insert that would spin to retract the cable in an nice coil.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
I start with the original round case that came with my Meelec earphones.  Any round case should do.  I also use a sheet of 1/8" Acrylic from Lowes to form the retractor.

Any way to do without access to a laser cutter? Apart from hand-cutting that is!

frugalguy2 years ago
Very nice! That's quite cool.
oliy (author)  frugalguy2 years ago
Thanks! Fun AND useful.
Looks nice and professional! Seems like it will hold up well too.