This is a very inexpensive retractable window awning project.

Step 1: Awning Retracted.

Awning in retracted position.
You say the hinge was from a marine store supplier used for Bimini tops. I'm wondering if you couldn't contruct a similar awning as a <a href="http://www.savvyboater.com/c-100-pontoon-bimini-tops.aspx">pontoon bimini top</a>. Do you think it'd work?
I don't see any problem, there should be no difference in boat style so long as the tube used in the awning frame will match the female side (round not square) &amp; the pivot side with mounting flat plate will fit your wall mount configuration.<br>Good luck, don't forget to weight the outer horizontal framing so the awning drops smoothly &amp; also remains in position with slight wind conditions.
Very cool. I'm going to make something like this for my workshop window.
Store bought awnings cost a small fortune. Way to go! Very cool
I like the idea, and great pics. Could use a little more description detail though. I'm especially interested in knowing more about your hinges. Where did you get them and how did you attach them to the PVC? Finally, just a personal preference. I've done a few PVC things along the way, and I've found if you sand the words off the pipe then the whole project looks much classier.
Hinge is from marine store supplier used for Bimini tops, the hinge is mounted to the boat deck for the frame (had to sand pvc to fit into hinge.) Good suggestion to clean up the printed data on pvc.
Interesting work.

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