Retrieving All the Images From a Slideshow to Save for Later





Introduction: Retrieving All the Images From a Slideshow to Save for Later

Congrats instructables for releasing slideshows! I applaud your efforts, and I hope these will spark new discussion!

However, they have a tragic flaw -- you can't save the images for later... until now!

Step 1: Do It!

Go the slideshow, and copy the embed link, paste it below, and then click here!

...and hey should appear right above this text. If you have any problems, let me know! Its been tested with firefox, and I've tried to conform to IE standards, but I haven't been able to test it. Have fun!



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    funny part: "Congrats Cinder2007, you're a star!"


    no, the most funny part is "thanks you captain universe!" with the script :)

    Did I really make that typo?
    It should have been "Thank you captain's universe!" -- a website from which I "stole" the code from -- "stole" meaning "You said people could use it, but I feel like crediting you".

    And yes, Cinder2007 is a star now ;-)


    My english is bad becose im a frenchy canadian :-(o and i did not do a copy/past lol :)

    Ah, its okay. You're english isn't that bad ;-)

    My plan is to leave this one up until someone (again) points out some security flaw with it. In anticipation of that happening, you should probably detail the process you used to grab the images.

    Sounds good. Its just some javascript, but due to XSS preventions, it will only work on this site. So, if there is some other security flaw, greasemonkey time :P.

    Photography category? Is that what the slideshows are classed under?

    Guess so :P

    ...How did you find this? They unpubished it for mysterious reasons...
    (I bet its the HTML)

    I'd say so ;-) How do you add html? The standard operator doesn't seem to work for me. I saw this on a forum topic :D