Take cool 3D snapshots with retro 35mm box cameras. 

Use cheap film and low-end plastic cameras for artsy results.

Low-cost home scanner and free software make it fast, easy, and fun.

The pizza baker snapshot  uses an animated file to give a sense of what the 3D photo looks like.

This instructable will cover cameras, film, shooting, developing, home scanning and viewing.

Step 1: Get Your Camera

So-called toy cameras are mostly plastic and have few controls, so they're perfect for shoot from the hip 3D snapshots.

Search flea markets, yard sales, and eBay for these 4 lens bug-eyed monsters. Names like Nishika, Nimslo, and Loreo can be found for under $10 USD.

This is really neat!
Very nice. I like the use of 'old tech'. Thanks for sharing.

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