Retro A/V to auxiliary audio cable

Picture of Retro A/V to auxiliary audio cable
I created this cable to serve a very specific function - to connect an MP3 player to a car radio that came with an A/V port rather than an auxiliary audio port. This process is almost identical to my Retro stereo patch cable, the only difference being this has an a/v plug at one end.

My wife and I purchased a used car a few months back, and one of the known problems was that the radio had a busted auxiliary audio port. I thought about trying to replace the port, but since I wanted to install a rearview license plate camera anyway, I decided to replace the whole radio.

I made the mistake of purchasing a Boss BV7320, which has a whole slew of features, including an LCD screen, a DVD/CD player, an SD card slot, and front and back USB ports. But the main feature I was looking for was being able to play podcasts and music from my iPod. Since this product claimed to be "iPod compatible," I decided it was worth a shot since it was less than $100 bucks.

Turns out the USB ports only charge the iPod, and what I thought was a front auxiliary audio port is actually an a/v port. This is great if I wanted to plug my old VCR into my dash board, or watch my 1990s vacation videos from my cam corder on my car radio's LCD screen, but other that, I can't figure out why a car radio needs an a/v port? And when I plugged a standard audio plug into the a/v, audio only plays out one side of the car.

After searching more than a dozen stores, and too many websites to count, my research would seem to indicate that there is no such thing as an a/v to auxiliary audio cable.

So here's how I made my own.

• Soldering iron
• Wire cutters
• Hot glue gun

• a/v to RCA cable
• silver stereo plug
• shoe lace
• heat shrink wire insulator

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profpat1 year ago
nice instructables! good features and photos!

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