Step 12: Your New System

Picture of Your New System

**Video Note: You will notice the controller is plugged into the 2nd player port and the case is slightly tilted. Not to mention that the sound didn't work right away, that was due to the stereo being on mute and had nothing to do with the system. As for the case and controller, this was my final test run before assembly and it showed me that the implimentation of the USB hub swapped the priority of the two controllers in the system, so its just a few settings to fix.

After completing the physical setup and the hours, days, or in my case months of setting up the software you now have a system that can run tons of retro game systems all from this one system, without the use of a keyboard or mouse or much of a sign of it being a PC. The NES controller start button starts the games, select backs up to the system selection and shutdown menu. Additionally, left and right can move through the game list much faster than simply one by one going up and down.

Currently I have systems from NES, SNES, Genesis, Sega CD, Gameboy, N64, and Sega Saturn all sitting on one system. The only limit I found so far is my hard drive space, which 40gb is not nearly enough. Everything is run from the NES console or the controller. I do have a wireless keyboard I use for not having to walk up and press the reset, but thats my secret for when I am lazy.

Finally, there are some ideas that I did try and I leave up to the instructable community to build upon if so challenged.

- I did try the wireless ps3 controller setup, however the controller ID upon load was unreliable with the settings of the emulators and front end, as well as having to load motion-in-joy. The motion-in-joy actually killed it as I did not want to have to go in and setup the controller in a windows environment every time I turned the system on.

- I do wish there was a better cooling method than a fan to keep it cool, in order to keep the silent appeal to the project, but I have yet to find a solution.

- One of the most disappointing aspects of the project was the inability to find a motherboard that had the yellow video out. While I appreciate the HDMI out and the ability to use XBMC or Netflix to stream (which I don't because currently but have prior to the specialization of the system), it would be truely nice to run the system withouth cutting out a back panel and keeping the original ports intact.
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