Step 5: Installing other Computer Components

Picture of Installing other Computer Components
Ok at this point you have your NES PC, but it lacks a few things. First, install the memory according the the instructions given on the packaging or motherboard manual. Second, you need a hard-drive. However, no way to mount it yet.

Grab that piece of sheet metal from that long material list. Not much to this, and it doesn't have to look pretty, but you want to create a mounting bay for the 2.5" Solid State Harddrive we have. Just use a couple clamps and some good old fashion elbow grease and bend it to leave an area for that hard drive. Make sure your drive will fit in that "mounting bay" you just created and then mark where the holes you need to drill to be able to install the screws for the harddrive bay, then drill them, put the drive back in and screw the drive into your new mounting bay with harddrive mounting screws from an old computer.

Simply mount the new mounting bay on the side of the PC where the old video and audio out ports were. I used superglue and it works great. Run your cables from the drive to the motherboard and you now have a functioning harddrive mounted.

Now, you also need a few more things, 2 working NES ports, and a working power button. Lets go there next.