Step 6: Creating a power button

Picture of Creating a power button
Now the current NES power button assembly is too large. So take the pretty button face off of the power and reset switches, remove the circuit board portion, and all we keep is the LED "cone", the LED itself, the 2 button faces, and the metal mounting plate below.

What we are going to do is simply mangle the metal of the mounting plate in order to mount our old PC power and reset buttons we salvaged. The switches take some effort, but with the right amount of "persuasion" the mounting plate is at the correct distance from the button face that our switches will act like a NES reset button, pushing in, poping back out, and then a little hot glue to hold it in place provides a momentary button for the PC in both power and reset (except the reset we dont plug in, as it is used for another purpose). You can now plug the power button into the motherboard.

However, this wouldn't be complete without the red LED right? Well you will notice that the LED "cone" that projects the solid red is too long. So with a little trimming from the dremel the LED cone is shorter and the LED can be closer to the front of the system. Now if your old power switch had a red LED like mine did you can simply move the red LED from the PC to the NES, replacing that LED and then plug it into the motherboard's System Power LED connection. If not, all you have to do is run wires from the motherboard to the LED to complete the circuit (but please find a connector for it unless your very confident about soldering onto a motherboard).

Thats all there is it to the power button. Seems simple but getting it just right took me about 4 hours of fiddling with it, so don't get discouraged.