Step 9: Testing Hardware and Revisions

Picture of Testing Hardware and Revisions
If you have gotten here you now can reassemble the system and turn it on, however without any operating system so it will just boot up your BIOS, but it should work. One thing you would notice is that it is completely silent. No fans or harddrive noise. However, after testing near the end it turned out that it got to around 90 degrees Celcius inside, and I didn't feel comfortable with that high of a heat inside my new game system.

To address this problem I simply cut out a hole in the top, and glued in a CPU fan and plugged it into the CPU fan port on the motherboard. While it took away from the look when examining it, its not noticable unless you are looking at it from above. Anyone looking to recreate this I would recommend a side mounted fan simply. However having the slimline CPU fan mounted directly over the "Fanless" heatsink that this motherboard has installed has a solid 30 degrees Celcius temp. So it was a trade off, but I bet a side mounted fan would do equally well, it just takes away from that silent console appeal.

So with that the only physical modification is that of accessory modification.